Your Donation Will Help Us Make a Tribute Rocker

The Hero’s Rock program will accept public donations toward the making and delivery of a custom tribute rocker for the children of fallen heroes.

Recommendations for Heroes for our list are open to anyone. Nominations can be made at our website The definition of a hero is anyone who has or serves in; the armed forces, fire departments, police departments, and or performs a heroic act. Regardless of any biases, including but not limited to; gender, religious beliefs, circumstances of loss (including PTSD) or race.

The Hero’s Rock program is dedicated to showing our nation’s appreciation for their service by honoring their memory with a cherished heirloom tribute rocker to the ones affected the most…their children. These custom designed rockers will include an etched portrait of the hero, their name and official service title engraved in the rocker.

Make your donation by clicking on the donate button below, or mail your donation (please be sure to include an email address or contact number) to:

Hero’s Rock Contest
PO Box 224
Mantua, Ohio 44255

donate to a fallen hero

Thank you for helping to show our nation’s appreciation for these amazing people and their families.
We could not do this without YOU!