Nominate A Fallen Hero

Nominate A Fallen Hero

Recommendations for Heroes for our list are open to anyone. The definition of a hero is anyone who has or serves in; the armed forces, fire departments, police departments, and or performs a heroic act. Regardless of any biases, including but not limited to; gender, religious beliefs, circumstances of loss (including PTSD) or race.

Please submit your nomination below or email your nomination through our contact page.

Be sure to make your nomination detailed, including; brief description of situation, line of service, location of service, location of family (what part of the country), number of family members with names and ages (of children), and a contact name and phone number.

The Hero’s Rock program is dedicated to showing our nation’s appreciation for their service by honoring their memory with a cherished heirloom tribute rocker to the ones affected the most…their children. Our program is a timely journey shared with anyone interested. From design to delivery typically consumes 4-6 months, focusing on celebrating the life of the hero. Our skill set is geared toward smaller children ranging from unborn to 4 years of age.

It is our hope to honor all who serve by honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice with a gift to their children, a smile in a time of sorrow, and a reminder of what their hero stood for.


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