Patriotic Pony Pledge

Help us make the wish of our first Hero’s wife come true.

nWhen a wounded warrior comes home, his family shares the journey of recovery. It is often a long and tedious journey. The Fisher House provides free housing for families of wounded warriors. With that in mind….Hero’s Rock has created the “Patriotic Pony” pledging this nations love and support to our wounded warriors and their families.

There are currently 64 Fisher Houses, 27 are visited by children across the nation. We want to make a “Patriotic Pony” for each Fisher House to provide some joy to the children whose families are visiting.

These handmade “Patriotic Ponies” will be adorned with red or blue hand prints of caring people from across the nation, sending their love and support to our military families. Each one will include the laser portrait of a different fallen hero in the saddle stirrups, showing this nation’s dedication to our promise to never forget! We hope to honor all armed forces with a wide representation of our fallen; all genders and branches from across the U.S. Each delivery will include a Thank You book which will tell the story of the Patriotic Pony heroes, a celebration of their lives

patriotic pony

Be a part of this special journey, as we travel over 7,500 miles, across 21 states delivering these Patriotic Ponies. Sponsor a pony, attend a presentation, organize a rally, follow the journey on Facebook or just help spread the word! We need your help to make this happen

For more information, organize a rally or become a sponsor, email us at or call 1- 650-ROCKERS. Click the “donate” button to help, or mail your donation to: PO Box 224, Mantua, Ohio 44255 (All donations go to the building and delivery of the Patriotic Pony).