Spc. Jordan Byrd


Spc Jordan M. Byrd, 19 year old Army Medic, 1st Battalion, 506 Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), gave his life for his country on Oct 13th 2010.

Stationed in Afghanistan, Jordan’s unit had been ambushed and pinned down by intense fire. As Jordan’s Sargent received the radio call for a medic, a soldier was hit and bleeding severely, he turned to find Jordan already running to the injured soldier some 300 yards away. Through mortar, grenades, and machine gun fire, Jordan ran by his fellow troops, still wearing his trademark smile saying, “Cover me.” He reached the soldier, covering him from the intense attack; he tied a tourniquet on his leg and was hit by sniper fire and killed instantly. Jordan’s lifesaving efforts were rewarded with the “Silver Star”. This honor was awarded to his family, his wife, Savannah and son, Ayden with the very soldier Jordan had saved present.

Jordan’s bravery and courage are only outshined by his infectious smile. It will be our honor to work with his family and loved ones to create a fitting tribute to honor the memory of this incredible young man to his precious son, Ayden who’s birth he had the pleasure of witnessing and shared a brief four days of parental bliss before being deployed, just weeks before his death.

As Jordan did every day of his life and especially on that October morning in Afghanistan, when a 19 year old kid showed us all what it means to be a true American Hero…..his legacy of kindness and caring lives on.

The doctors at the Trauma center in Sharona, Afghanistan were so touched and amazed by his heroism that day, that they worked hard throughout their deployment to get the Trauma Center named after Jordan which they did in March 2011. Medical Personnel and Officers at Ft. Campbell worked to name the new Health Clinic at Fort Campbell after Jordan. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the New Jordan M. Byrd Health Clinic took place in September of 2011. A truly amazing health facility.

His family honors this amazing young American Hero in as many ways as they can; Jordan’s dream was to become a doctor, his family establishing Spc. Jordan Byrd scholarships for students pursuing the medical field in his county. February 9th is Spc. Jordan M. Byrd day in their county, at which they announce the annual winner of the Spc Jordan M. Byrd Thumbs Up Award, which recognizes someone who exemplifies Jordon’s caring and selfless nature with deeds to improve their community.

“Many small people, in many small places, do many small things that can alter the face of the world.”


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Celebrating the life of Spc. Jordan Byrd

Roberta Byrd Pitt

It was Jordan’s Jr year in high school, he had just bought his first car off of some guy at someone else’s house. He was so excited not even wanting to check things out on the car to make sure everything worked ok, but mom and dad made him. It was also stick and he didn’t know how to drive stick. Well, April 1st came along and me not really thinking about it being April fools day was working away at work and get a call from Jordan at school saying he was going to be kicked out because his friend and him got into a fight. They had been not getting along for a little bit so I didn’t think anything about that but he had his principal get on the phone and tell me all about it. Little did I know I was in speaker phone and was getting really angry. Jordan knew I was going to start swearing and finally said,”April fools mom”. I was shocked that the principal was involved and made it seem so real.

I stewed for an hour and decided he couldn’t get one over on me. So, I called the police dept and called in a favor. We decided to say they found out that his car had been stolen. The whole PD was in on it including the Chief. They went and got him out of school and took him to the station and the detective called me to come over. I wasn’t sure if I could keep it together and not laugh. So, I went to the station and Jordan had the most horrifying look on his face. The detective was so real and I thought Jordan was going to start crying. They told him he was going to have to come back after school to write up a report. Yes I kept it going all day. He was so sick to his stomach even asking his little sister if mom was kidding. She had no idea.

I picked him up from school and headed to the station. I’ve never seen him so nervous. He was so upset thinking he may not get to keep his car. Fling out the report all of the station employees came in the room giving him a hard time. He completed his paper work and the detective turned the paper over and told him he needed to read one last thing. APRIL FOOLS written on the back of the paper. The look on his face went ten shades of white. I had to hurry and hug him tight and tell him I loved him, he was so mad. That day he learned to never mess with Mom!

Saige Whitehouse

I have many of stories to tell of Jordan, but this one I’ve been thinking about lately…

A bunch of us went out to Penney’s for a huge bonfire one weekend. The kid that I was liking was going to be there. I had told Jordan previously, “Boston gives me the major butterflies” all girly and giddish. He teased me and said that he was going to tell him, which I didn’t believe because Jordan didn’t know him. But that didn’t stop Jord. It didn’t matter if he knew someone well or not, he wasn’t a shy kid. He went right over to Boston and said, “Hey dude you give Saige the major butterflies!”, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed in my life. I was super worried the whole time thinking Boston would think I was some freak. Jordan kept telling me to relax and everything would be fine. By wanting to be so mad at him, I just couldn’t be. It was impossible. Who could get mad at that bright, contagious, huge smile? Not me.

Anyways, Boston and I kicked it off and we are still together to this day. I sometimes just look back and wonder if things would be the way they are if Jordan hadn’t mentioned what I had said to him about Boston, because there is no way that I ever would have told him myself. I believe that he was one of the main reasons that we were brought together. Jord knew what I wanted in life and what would make me happy. He was always doing things, simple as the story I just told you to making people happy in the end. I now have a beautiful baby girl with Boston and I do know that Jordie helped send her down to us.
I miss his friendship dearly. I think about him every single day and am thankful for his sacrifices and bravery. I am so honored that I was a close friend of his. They say that the good die young, and he was as best as they come. He wasn’t just a good one, he was a great one. This Earth needs more people like Jordan Byrd roaming around.

Thank you… -Saige Whitehouse

Nicole Harris

Hello I am Jordan’s cousin and my son Braxton is 5 and loves looking at your page and at pictures of the humvee. He wanted me to send a story to you about Jordan.

“I always used to see Jordan until he went in the army, he would always hold me on his shoulders and we would show our muscles. I miss Jordan he is my hero!”

Melanie Steinfeldt Connelly

My name is Melanie, I am Jordan’s cousin. All of us cousins grew up together and became very close. There are so many great stories I could tell you about Jordan but, I’m gonna tell you one that makes me laugh even when I think about it.

My cousin, Chelsee and I woke up early from a sleepover at her house. Meanwhile, Jordan was sleeping down the hall in the living room. We came up with the idea that were gonna wake him up by screamin’ there was a fire. We started yelling “Jordan, wake up!!! There is a FIRE!!”. Chelsee and I turned to run but, before we knew it Jordan passed us because he was so scared. We couldn’t help but stop running because we were laughing too hard. Jordan turned around so worried and said “guys, come on! What are you waiting for, there’s a fire!” . We had to tell Jordan there was no fire. He was so mad at us.. for about 2 minutes. Jordan couldn’t stay mad for long. He was too kind.

Another story……

Somehow, someone came up with this crazy idea that us cousins should WAX Jordan’s armpits and of course…. Jordan agreed! He sat on the couch while we spread wax on his first armpit, put on the paper, and ripped it right off. Jordan acted so tough but, we knew it was painful when it started to bleed a little bit. We felt so bad that it started to bleed, we really didn’t even want to do another one. But Jordan insisted that we do the other armpit because, he didn’t want one armpit without hair so, he sat through the pain again just so he didn’t have one armpit without hair. Jordan would do anything with anyone just to have a laugh or good time with them. He greeted everyone with a bear hug and, big, beautiful smile. Everyone enjoyed his presence and his time spent with us. I will never forget how happy Jordan ALWAYS was. He lived his life to the fullest extent and was always happy, He spread happiness where ever he went. Many will never touch as many lives as he did in his short 19 yrs. but we can all learn from him and his Genuine love and caring for those around him, He went the extra mile in everything he did, he brought life and love to so many.
I will always watch the sunset and watch for his smile.

Kylee Dalton

My name is Kylee, I’m Jordan’s cousin, all of us cousins are really close and we grew up spending a lot of time together, more like brothers and sisters!!
I remember one summer me, Jordan, my cousins Jake and Mel and some of our friends had talked our aunt Jodi and uncle Doug into taking their camp trailer up to the canyon for us so we could camp over night!! I was probably 16 at the time which would have made Jor 13, we were all having the time of our lives, up in the mountains with no adults, what more could you want?

It had gotten dark and we were talking about a big rock called “Lovers Leap” it was a really high super steep narrow cliff that you can hike up to, it’s a tough hike during the day, but for some reason we had the brilliant idea to hike it at night, not considering the dangers we headed out, it was me Jordan, Jake and my friend April, we drove Jake’s truck a few miles further up the canyon then headed out on foot, we only had the light of our cell phone to lead they way, needless to say we were not prepared!!

We had reached this really narrow path about a foot and a half wide with the steep mountain wall on one side of you and about 15 yards straight down was a small stream, we made it to this point and all but one cell phone had died, it was pitch black and we were running out of light fast, I started to get scared, we couldn’t see a thing and this path was so narrow I didn’t dare go any further, Jake decided that he would go back to the truck and back down to camp and see if we had any flash lights, Jordan, being 13 years old said he would stay with me and April, I knew he was just as scared as I was but he tried to act brave, we found a spot where we could sit position our legs between some tree roots that were growing out of the side of the mountain so we wouldn’t fall, he sat there with us all night, we talk and laughed and even though he was a kid I felt safe with him, I had crocs on for shoes and I actually lost one down in the river while we were hiking, we laughed about it, meanwhile wondering where the heck Jake was, the sun was starting to come up and we hasn’t heard or seen jake in hours, it got light enough to where we could actually see where we were walking. With one shoe and the other foot bare we started walking back to camp, we hadn’t walked 10 feet when Jordan took both his shoes off and handed them to me, I tried to say no but he insisted, that’s just how Jordan was, always looking out for others and willing to help, he finally forced the shoes on my feet and we walked the few miles back to camp, with him now only wearing socks, I felt so bad but Jordan wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

We made it back to camp and found Jake asleep (haha) he was too tired and left us up there to fend for ourselves!!! Jordan protected us even though I knew he was scared!! I’ll never forget that night. We’d always talk and laugh about it, Jordan was always so sweet and he didn’t think twice about giving me his shoes!!! He’d truly do anything for anybody!!! I miss and love you Jor!!!

Jessica Salazar

Oh Jordan, he really was such a happy person. Honestly I can’t think of one time he has ever been mad and that is in the eight years that I have known him.

I remember I met him freshman year of high school and we had gym and science class together. We both hated our science class, but I remember him always making it fun to go to. We sat in the back row just laughing the entire class hour not paying attention to what was being taught. (Sorry mama Byrd! Haha) he always knew how to make the most out of any situation.

We got extremely close that year, so I asked Jordan if he would do me the honor and be in my line for my quinceañera. This was a very special day for me and I really wanted the people closest to me celebrating it with me. I’m very glad I have this memory with him. He was always smiling and the life of the party.

Jordan moved around a lot between the schools in Tooele county, even if I didn’t see him for awhile, then we ran into each other somewhere, it was never that awkward moment you have with some people, instead I knew our friendship always stayed the same and he was always making me laugh in some way.

The reason I know Jordan was such a great friend was senior year, I had my graduation party and I sent him an invitation. By this time he was already living in Salt Lake with one of our friends and she had told me that Jordan had my picture up on their fridge. He made the effort that day to drive back into town just to come to my party. I remember how excited I was to see him because it had been awhile since I’d seen him, and I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug ever, Jordan was of course smiling ear to ear.

The last time I saw Jordan was at his graduation party. I remember him introducing me to all of his family and his new girlfriend Savanna. The last time I talked to Jordan was when he told me he was going to be a dad. He was so excited about it. We talked about both our interests in the medical field as well.

I could go on about Jordan, but those are my highlighted memories of him. I will always spread his story to people around me and be so thankful to have known such a great person. He was the definition of a great friend. He has inspired me so much and I try every day to be just as positive as he was.

Thank you Jordan, you will always be in my heart. Love you friend!

Doug Steinfeldt

I have so many memories of Jordan watching him grow up from the time he was born, into such a honorable young man.

When Jordan was driving from Utah to Tennessee to report to Ft. Campbell, he didn’t have much time but, he stopped to see me in Wyoming, and spent a short time at the house before he had to get back on the road. He always found a way to find time for family and friends.

My favorite memory is the last time I saw him, we went back to see him in Clarksville, Labor Day Weekend before he left for Afghanistan. Our plane came in pretty late to Nashville and he came to pick us up since the car rentals were all closed. He had to get up early the next morning for PT and was pretty tired from picking us up, he lead us to the bed we would be sleeping in and said he would see us in the afternoon after PT. The bed looked comfortable and we were tired from traveling so we went to sleep, a couple hours later the air had gone out of this huge aero bed air mattress and we were on the floor unable to crawl out of the mattress because it was such a deep one, needless to say I had a very stiff neck and back.

When Jordan got home we told him about it and everyone was laughing so hard because Jordan knew it was leaking the night before and had tried to fix it with duct tape, and thought he had done a good job but for those that knew Jordan, he wasn’t really good at “fixing things” but he sure tried.

He showed us all around Clarksville, took us to Ft. Campbell and gave us a tour, he was so proud of everything he was learning and doing, at the same time you could tell he was worried about leaving his family and hurrying to have Ayden so he could spend time with him before he had to deploy. He was so proud of his house and showing us all they had acquired since moving from Utah, during this visit it was easy to see how much he had matured and how proud he was of all he was doing.

Our flight home left pretty early and we told Jordan we would just set our alarm and leave without waking him, well of course the next morning at 3am Jordan comes out to give us all Hugs and Kisses we told him we didn’t want to wake him but he said he couldn’t just let us leave without a Hug. I am so thankful for that Hug, and thankful for our time with him in Tennessee seeing the things he was so excited about, eating at his favorite steak house “Charly’s” Playing cards, swimming with the kids, laughing and of course watching him play video games.

I am so honored to have so many memories, and to have watched Jordan grow into an amazing man and be a part of his life. You are my Hero Jordan I love you.

Chelsee DaltonFor those that don’t know me I am Chelsee, Jordan’s cousin, favorite cousin (haha) . I have so many awesome memories with Jor that it’s hard to choose just one.
The one I’d like to share is one from when we were younger. I was in 7th grade and Jordan was in 8th grade. He had been staying at my house so we were pretty much together ALL the time. After each class we would see each other at our lockers and he would give me a HUGE hug, mess my hair up, and tell me “I missed you cuzzle bug!” He would do this after EVERY class and our classes were only 50 minutes long! Not to mention we would ride to school together and walk home together. The way he greeted me after each class you’d think we hadn’t see each other in years! But that’s just the way he was. Jordan was well known for the way he greeted everyone. It was never just your average hello. He would always give you a giant hug and tell you how much he loved you and missed you! It was always so sincere too. He meant it. He truly loved everyone he came into contact with and people were instantly drawn to him. I love the way Jord always made me feel. He always brought me out of my shell and it came so easy. I felt so confident around him and all my worries felt so small. He always made you feel important and “cool” and “funny” because he thought everything was either so awesome or so funny! He enjoyed every minute of life and was always on the go. He loved when everyone was together, no matter what we were doing. It was always the more the merrier in Jor’s eyes!I will forever be grateful for the times I shared with Jordan.

As Jor would say, I’ll see ya later alligator! Love you forever and always!

Dearest Jordan,

We did not have the honor of meeting you in life, but feel as though we had. We have spent many hours with your family and friends, learning all we can about you. When the pictures and stories started coming in, your huge smile was the first thing to catch our attention, it was purely infectious. As we read each letter and story, we learned of your many traits; kindness, sense of humor, generosity and your heart of gold, including everyone in everything you did…never wanting anyone to be or feel left out.

You are truly an amazing young man! Your legacy of bravery, devotion and selflessness will inspire countless others for generations. You may have only honored us with your presence for a short time but your goodness will live on for eternity.

As we build each tribute rocker, we find our hearts in our throats and tears in our eyes on a regular basis. Our biggest challenge is to achieve the high standards you have set in life. We consider it an honor and a privilege building the Monster Medic for Ayden.

Please accept our appreciation for your service and sacrifice that you and your family have made for our country. You will forever be in our hearts!

Scott & Trish

The Crazy Old Hippies of Hero’s Rock

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Presentation of the Monster Medic

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